Thursday, December 13, 2012

Spotlight Supporters

We haven't done this in a long while but with Janette's passing I got this email from someone that did not personally know her but touched her deeply. We will be making this into a book for Marc and the boys and when Janette and I started this blog Spotlight Supporters was very important to her. So if you have anything you would like written on here to be added to the book for her family please go to the spotlight supporters tab and contact me. Thank you.

We never met. I've never spoken a single word to you, and although we went to high school together I didn't recognize your face or name when I first learned your story from Brandie. You are now someone I will never forget. I so badly wanted to introduce myself to you at the fundraiser held at Box Elder High, but I chickened out. I wish desperately that I would have at least said hi because even from across the gymnasium, you had a light that I could feel. A light that I so desperately wish I had.
My daughter was born with a rare neurological disorder called lissencephaly. She is five years old, but functions at about a 2 month old level. She is visually impaired, severely developmentally delayed, suffers from seizures almost daily and doesn't speak. After I heard about you, I would sometimes talk to London about you. I would tell her that she was strong like Janette. And I know that that is true. I know that your situation was completely different from hers, but hearing about how you fought and fought, and were such a positive, strong woman, I felt like London would like to hear about you. And I know she did.
We never even met... but your light affected me. I'm sure there's little comfort my words could bring to your family at this time, I'm glad you are no longer suffering.
God bless you, Janette, Marc, Conner, and Brayden!


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